A Napa pet cemetery is an oasis of green in a charred landscape after wildfires swept the Atlas Peak area

One of the only green patches on the southwestern edge of the Atlas fire burn area is a pet cemetery off Atlas Peak Drive.

The sound of its babbling brook was interrupted intermittently with the sound of a fire truck or utility crew’s diesel engine powering up the mountain to extinguish hot spots…

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40 dead in California wildfires, dozens still missing as offensive continues

Firefighters hoped to be able to make progress Sunday on the deadliest series of wildfires in California history as the grim task of finding those killed continued.

The winds that bedeviled firefighters Saturday are expected to die down Sunday, allowing firefighters to go back on the offense after…

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Earthquake: 3.2 quake strikes near El Centro, Calif.

A shallow magnitude 3.2 earthquake was reported Sunday morning five miles from El Centro, Calif., according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The temblor occurred at 6:20 a.m. PDT at a depth of 9.3 miles.

According to the USGS, the epicenter was 10 miles from Brawley, Calif., 13 miles from Calexico,…

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Despite clear risks, Santa Rosa neighborhood that burned down was exempt from fire regulations

SANTA ROSA — Coffey Park was built on city streets, not forested country lanes.

The Santa Rosa suburb was a planned development laid out on a typical grid with sidewalks and landscaped yards. The fire hazard zone shown on city and state maps was to the north and east, on the other side of the 101…

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‘There was no time’: How fire ravaged one Santa Rosa street

They escaped because a neighbor knocked on the door, because a dog barked in panic, because something deep down told them:

“Death. Go. Leave now.”

The residents of Hemlock Street in Santa Rosa went to bed Sunday night assuming the fires devastating Northern California were miles away.

By 1 a.m.,…

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Sonoma resident uses telescope to inspect house in fire ravaged area

Sarah Golightly stepped up to the telescope, its tripod legs planted in the gravel on the side of a two-lane road in Sonoma. The lenses were trained on a low-lying mountain ridge in the distance, blue in the dying light, where plumes of khaki smoke floated upward from multiple spot fires.

As cars…

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How to help victims of Northern California fires

As firefighters continue to battle one of California’s worst fire disasters, many people are wondering how they can help.

More than 15 fires have scorched 220,000 acres, destroyed an estimated 5,700 structures and caused at least 40 deaths in more than half a dozen counties since Oct. 8.

In Napa…

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Humidity and winds bedevil firefighters as wine country wildfires grow

Don’t let the lighter breeze fool you.

The recipe for fire remains at Atlas Peak in Napa County, as dry air continues to transform grass and vegetation to kindling.

The return of the windy, hot conditions Saturday once again put firefighters in defensive mode as they dealt with the sixth day of…

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